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March Networking Lunch

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The meeting below has been cancelled!


Noon to 1:30 p.m.

Thursday,March 19, 2020

Marriott Columbia
1200 Hampton Street
Columbia, SC 29201

Our lunch speaker is William Butler, author of "Re-Leasing," a counterintuitive Approach to Apartment Leasing."  

Speaker Bio: 
It all started back in 2009 when Butler began his career in student housing as Leasing Agent in Cheney, WA. After transferring to another university, he later returned to his student housing alma mater as a Sales Manager taking on what was perceived to be an almost impossible lease up. After suffering many defeats and enduring umpteen failures, as a culmination of all setbacks, Butler was able to develop a leasing recipe that would later offer a promising future. This recipe transformed the “impossible” task in Cheney, WA in to a repeated inductee into the 100% club year over year for the first time in history since it’s establishment 7 years prior. Butler has repeatedly found such success a number of times since, including leasing up 2 new development properties in the same 2016-2017 leasing year on either side of the country.  

Butler has been fortunate enough to influence aspiring managers and properties in just about every region in the nation thus far, only to find that many are suffering from the same torment that plagued him in his early property management career. It was this that inspired Butler’s calling. This reality inspired Butler to live each day aiming to provide the much needed shift in perspective that many ambitious property managers need to RELEASE them from the chains of conventional thinking about apartment leasing.

Book SummaryTo find success in anything is 80% psychological and 20% technical. ReLeasing is deeply rooted in the 80%. It is a book that dives deep into the perspective required of any leasing professional that is aspiring to find success in their student housing career. ReLeasing takes the mysterious, and ever-evolving concept of apartment leasing off the island of individuality it is perceived to be on and introduces a practical, easily digestible perspective on how any community can find success in their respective market, if they simply change their mind.



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