The Psychology of Leasing
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The Psychology of Leasing

9 a.m. to Noon March 15, 2019
BELFOR Classroom
300 Catawba Street
Columbia, SC 29201

Advance registration is required!

Presenter: Lisa Trosien, The Apartment Expert

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Please fax your RSVP to (803) 252-0589 or E-mail us at $49 for the first attendee; $39 for each additional attendee from the same community or supplier company. For more information, please call (803) 252-5032 or


When a prospect walks into your leasing center, does it resonate with positivity? Are you having fun and enjoying the job? “Energy and enthusiasm are contagious,” said multifamily training and marketing expert Lisa Trosien, founder of

When these two factors are present, you [can] close everyone who comes in. According to Trosien, a surprising number of multifamily
leasing professionals aren’t conveying energy and enthusiasm.

Another missed opportunity is not taking to the time to get to know the prospect’s needs. “Statistics tell us we’re not doing a good job with that,” said Trosien, who suggested focusing on the prospect rather than trying to multi-task. But don’t pounce on prospects the minute they walk in the door; in fact be aware that they will need a 12-foot decompression zone to acclimate to the new environment. And be cognizant that visuals are ignored in this zone.

“Every single day on the site is like a job interview with your prospects,” she added. Let people talk about themselves. And, as you’re listening to what they’re looking for in an apartment home say, “You’re right,” not “I know.” Confirm their opinion and keep the focus of attention on them. These are just some of the topics that Lisa will cover in her three hour seminar.

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