AAGC Committees
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AAGC Committee Descriptions

Alternative Housing Committee: The committee’s charge is to seek ways to increase the association’s footprint in the Student, Affordable Housing and Senior Housing segment of the multifamily industry.

Auction Committee: The Auction Committee’s purpose is to coordinate and develop the annual charity auction in which a portion of the proceeds shall be donated to one of the AAGC’s preferred charities. The 2019 Auction will benefit Camp Wonder Hands, a camp for deaf and hard of hearing youth and is a program of Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital.

Board Development: The purpose of the Nominations Committee is to promote growth within the organization, board of directors and committees through constant reinforcement of the AAGC’s mission of purpose and the direct effects the association has upon the community. Closed committee appointments made by AAGC president and the AAGC board of directors.

Community Outreach Committee: The Community Outreach Committee’s purpose is to provide service to the Greater Columbia area by planning events that will meet social, economic or environmental needs of the community. Volunteers are to promote and endorse regular events for the year that will have a positive impact on both the association and the community. 

Education Committee: The committee plans and coordinates all educational classes and seminars that are relevant to the multi-family industry. The Education also promotes the NAA designations (NALP, CAM, CAMT, CAPS, etc.).

Expo Committee (Trade Show): The purpose of the Expo Committee is to plan and implement the Trade Show/Expo that allows associate members a rare opportunity to showcase their products and services to the direct members of the association. The event is designed to promote participation, attendance, and involvement for members at all levels. This event is typically held in September.

Golf Committee: The purpose of the Golf Committee is to promote the goodwill of the AAGC in the Greater Columbia community by hosting an annual Charity Golf Tournament for its members. Though this tournament, efforts will be made to raise funds for the AAGC, with a portion of the net proceeds to be donated to a local charity (as designated and approved by the Board of Directors).

Hospitality Committee: The purpose of Hospitality Committee is to inform and bring together the direct and associate members of our association for fellowship through the communication of upcoming events. It is their responsibility to contact each member every month and inform them of upcoming events two weeks prior to the scheduled event. The committee also reaches out to members who have experienced a life changing event (i.e. marriage, death or the birth of a child).

Legislative Committee: The purpose of the Legislative Committee is to provide oversight for matters related to the apartment industry at the local and state level.  The Legislative Committee may review legislation and proposed regulations and provide recommendation on such issues to the AAGC Board of Directors.

Maintenance Committee: The purpose of the Maintenance Committee is to plan the annual competition between our Maintenance professionals (Maintenance Mania). The committee also meets and works year-round to ensure that the event is a success and works to foster communication among our Maintenance Professionals. The committee takes the lead in developing education training sessions related to the maintenance team member’s job duties.

Membership: The purpose of the Membership Committee is to work to help ensure a continuous growth in membership of the AAGC.  The committee’s goals are achieved by actively pursuing and recruiting new members while retaining existing members.   The committee will inform the direct and associate members of upcoming Association events for fellowship. It is their responsibility to contact each member every month and inform them of upcoming events.

Programs: The purpose of the Programs Committee is to plan year-round monthly networking meetings with speakers, social teasers and vendor spotlights.  The committee plays a vital role in the systematic development, structure and implementation of all AAGC functions.

Social Media (Communications): The purpose of the of the Social Media Committee is to enhance the web presence of our association through interactive and dynamic social networking media with a goal of informing members of upcoming events, engaging members in topics of interest relative to the multifamily industry, and promoting and encouraging involvement within our community through constant up to date communication.  The Committee shall also assist the Executive Director with the maintenance of the AAGC’s website.

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