Brilliance Awards
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Brilliance Awards

Each year, the AAGC honors its members who have exhibited “brilliant” performance, both in the industry and within the association.  For those individuals who have exhibited outstanding service and dedication to the Association, the AAGC recognizes the “Member of the Year” Awards.  These individuals have shown true commitment in promoting the Association and its mission.

The Brilliance Awards were designed to recognize those persons who exemplify magnificent, grand or splendid qualities on their property and within in the association which make them uniquely sharp in their field and set them apart from their peers. 

The Community Beautification Awards recognizes properties based on 7 attributes, including curb appeal, condition of buildings, and signage. 

2016 Beautification Awards

0-5 Years Age Category: Atlantic at Parkridge
6-10 Years Age Category: Preserve at Spears Creek
11-16 Years Age Category: Carrington Place at Wildewood
17-22 Years Age Category: None
23 and older Years Age Category: Granby Crossing

2016 Maintenance Mania Winners

First Place: Michael Bailey, Legacy at Sandhill
Second Place: Greg Smith, Enclave Blythewood
Third Place: Thomas Lawson, Preserve at Spears Creek

2016 Maintenance Mania Race Car Winners

People’s Choice Race Car: Andrew Brush, Grandview at Lake Murray
Best Use of Maintenance Materials: Thomas Lawson, Preserve at Spears Creek

2016 Expo Winners

Best of Show - National – Sherwin Williams
Best of Show - Local – Relocation & Corporate Concepts
Best of Show – Regional – Loebsack & Brownlee PLLC
Best Product Display – All Fire Services
Most Original Theme – ACRS & Furniture Services
Rookie Award – Dupree Management

2016 Member Awards

Volunteer of the Year: Colleen Morelli, For Rent Media Solutions
Associate Member of the Year: Heather Blalock, Sherwin Williams
Direct Member of the Year: Amanda Inman, Preserve at Spears Creek
Member of the Year: Michele Keys, US Lawns
Rookie of the Year: Gina Beckham, Campbell Pavement
Lifetime Achievement Award: Kathi Stephens

2016 Brilliance Awards

The Brilliant Ruby (Leasing Professional): Samantha Robinson, Grandview at Lake Murray
The Brilliant Topaz (Service Professional): Milton Mack, Heights at Lake Murray
The Brilliant Emerald (Assistant Manager): Lauren Freeman, Lauren Ridge
The Brilliant Sapphire Maintenance Supervisor): Dale Gunnoe, Heights at Lake Murray
The Brilliant Diamond (Manager): Joei Lemacks, Polo Commons