Maintenance Mini Series
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Maintenance Academy

The Maintenance Committee is excited to be able to offer several opportunities for training and advanced education in the field of Multifamily Maintenance. We understand that there are limited resources for on the job training, cost effective certification courses and general sharing of industry knowledge within a peer network.

We hope that our classes, most all of them being FREE to members, will help companies to train, educate, allow skill development and be a resource guide without breaking their budget. Additionally, the individual will be a better quality employee and have assistance in their personal career growth. 

Training Classes

  • HVAC Learn hands on trouble shooting, diagnostics, general maintenance and repair.
  • Pool and Spa Cleaning, water testing, maintenance and repair on pumps, chlorinator and other pool equipment.
  • Carpet, Vinyl and Flooring Repairs Learn how to do easy patches, stretches and minor installs, as well as, cleaning and stain removal.
  • Make Ready/Punch and Rekeying Learn from industry veterans some “Do’s and Don’ts”, time saving tricks and how to rekey locks.
  • Landscaping and Irrigation Learn how to identify drainage trouble areas, plant material and care, improving curb appeal and simple irrigation repair and maintenance.
  • Bed Bugs Thorough discussion of Bed Bug Biology, Proper Inspection and ID, detection tools, treatment options, prep work and risk management.
  • Roofing Learn roof safety, how to properly identify roof issues and perform simple maintenance and repair.
  • General Electricity and Safety Learn about regulations and safety requirements with regard to breakers, meter boxes, outlets, phone and cable wiring and GFIs. Additionally, receive information on SCE&G regulations and contact information for supervisors.
  • Fire Prevention and Safety Learn about the newest products in fire and hazardous materials prevention and detection. Learn about the most common apartment fires, busting the myths about how to put out a fire and learn the proper way to install and maintain a fire extinguisher.
  • Mold, Mildew and Moisture Learn from industry experts how to detect, handle and safely remove mold, mildew and moisture from most any surface.
  • Risk Management Learn how to identify property hazards that lead to costly lawsuits and how to lower your company’s liability.
  • Resident Retention for Maintenance Learn how to be warm and fuzzy with your residents, abide by Fair Housing and know what is and is not appropriate to do and say in a resident’s apartment.
  • Maintenance for Managers An introduction into the most common maintenance requests and how to repair them.
  • Small Kitchen Appliances Learn to diagnose, maintain and repair kitchen appliances. 

Certification Courses

  • HVAC: This course will prepare you for the EPA Certification.
  • CPO: This course will prepare you to be a Certified Pool Operator.
  • First Aid/CPR: This course will prepare you to be certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

 Future Topics

 If you would like to suggest a topic, please send us an e-mail at or contact the Maintenance Committee Chair, Joe Leduc (The Atlantic at Parkridge),